Shaping the Message


I tell NASA and big brands how to spend their money.
– Francis Mohajerin


Collaboration » Resulting in exceeding business goals

As an accomplished, strategically minded creative leader » achieving tremendous success helping brands, studios, small start-ups and large mature corporations tell stories on multiple mediums » influencing diverse audiences to act.


Selected Case Studies

Environmental Advocacy Campaign
Biological, cultural, ecological and historical significance. It has immeasurable value. A site for research, education and inspiration. Home to habitat and history. ✯ View Advocacy Video

Space Program Positioning
Branding, visual identity, messaging. Integrated campaign tells the story of leadership, history and humanity.
View Website - Beyond Earth.com
View Case Study - Mars/Deep Space
View Case Study - Commercial Space Flight


Mentos Advertising Campaign
Concept development / ideation leads to a new direction for an established brand as it evolves from campy comedy to lifestyle brand.
View Campaign Pitch

National Toilet Tissue launch
A major makeover, significantly improved. Drive household penetration and conversion by repositioning/elevating as a new super-premium product, unique vs. competitors. Campaign: "Quality is in the Details."
Video Pitch

Concept Development for Healthcare
Medicare Boomer Marketing - Depict UHC value as members transition from an employment to retirement. Here when and how they need us, empowering them to live healthier lives. Goal: member retention and engagment. ✯ View Campaign Pitch

New Product Launches - Consumer Power Tools
Creative executions to launch three new products, US market and Japan. 1) Innovative new drill, 2) airless paint sprayer and 3) gyro stabilized power screwdriver.
View Content

India Expo
Corporate-sponsored event in India that showcased the Boeing Company's committment to the Indian aerospace industry.
View India Expo Case Study


Content Strategy & Development by an accomplished creative leader that achieves results.
Francis's media content and campaigns have impacted the success of major brands including Lionsgate, Hallmark, AT&T and NASA.


  • "When I look back on where we were before and where we are now, I’m not sure anyone would have imagined what we have today. Francis had the vision to help get us here."

    Roberto Haraldson, Farmers & Artists

  • ‎"On behalf of Danny Hernandez and myself, we wish to thank Francis for his generosity with both his personal time and professional resources. His continued support of The Inner-City Games and the Hollenbeck Youth Center has been a great benefit to many local kids in need."

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor

  • "I think there’s nothing we do that’s more inspiring to the next generation of scientists and engineers and aerospace workers than the work we do in human spaceflight... thank you Francis for the work you did on the Starliner campaign."

    Dennis Muilenburg, Chairman/CEO, The Boeing Company

  • "The Young & Rubicam team has a solid understanding of brand and category dynamics. They have been responsive to brand needs, in particular, Francis Mohajerin is noted for his leadership position on many key pasta projects despite his short tenure on the business."

    Dennis O’Donnell, Brand Director, American Home Products

  • "A trusted advisor and collaborator, Francis has been instrumental in our growth. His design of our new post production facility allows our producers the same environment here in Baton Rouge that they have in Hollywood."

    Bob Bayham, EVP/CEO, The Celtic Group

  • "Francis has solved countless problems for us here with our operations. His recommendations have made a direct positive impact on our bottom line, he is a great collaborator and trusted advisor."

    Walter Canton, P&T Director, MBS Media Campus

  • "Thank you for the many weeks you volunteered and for the videos you produced, they really helped raise awareness of the work we are doing here at the Hollenbeck Youth Center."

    Daniel L. Hernandez, President



Awarded first prize, Top Honors in Communications Excellence for leading the highest profile campaign launch of 2015: Unveiling STARLINER commercial space branding and introduction. Received the Communications excellence Award once again in 2016 for leading the Path to Mars political endurance campaign for NASA.


For a period of two years I helped an enormous global organization compete and win on several fronts. Including leading major product launches, developing global campaigns that led to large international contracts, and ensuring government contracts remained sold during US 44-to-45 Presidential administration transition. Company: Boeing, International.


Looking at the big picture to solve complex problems, unprecedentedly winning business because of a unique idea and extreme attention to details. Became a "three-picture-deal." Client: Marvel Studios, Hollywood.


From a startup into the top DVD company within four years. Developing content for major film distributors, studios and producers for home video that amounted to millions in sales revenues and exponential growth in a very short period of time. Company: Directorsite, Hollywood.


Vision, leadership and collaboration: I built a digital media production facility from the ground up. Developing a culture and team that took pride in producing work of the highest creative and technical quality. I sold this start-up company within five years. Company: Blueroom, Los Angeles.

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